It was 1st of July and a bright Sunday morning when all the Rotaractors of IIT gathered at the university premises to commence a noble act- the first project for the year 2018/19 under the newly elected president and the board. Voice for the voiceless team of RACIIT chaired by Rtr. Gayesha Weerasinghe assembled at IIT to start the project by implementing their very first feeding session for strays for the year.

Even though it was a Sunday, Rotaractors took time from their personal lives to be a part of this noble community Service project. Everyone gathered at IIT by 10.00am to do the basic preparations to commence the event. The menu for the day included Rice, Dhal curry, Salmon which was contributed by all the animal lovers of the voice for the voiceless team. By 10.15am everyone looked like busy bees attending to all the pre arrangements.

Boys were in charge of collecting the salmon cans and keeping all the necessary articles ready- while girls took in charge of collecting rice and dhal curry. Upon collecting all the food items that was sufficient enough to feed around 50-60 stray animals, they started mixing everything in a large bucket to make the meal ready to be served for animals.

Having three vehicles at their disposal including a mini lorry, Rotaractors left IIT premises at about 11.00am- after dividing the food rations between the vehicles equally. One team with two vehicles including the lorry started feeding the strays living off the streets in areas of Nugegoda, Wijayarama and Dehiwala. The other team with the remaining vehicle took over their duties in Bellanwila, Attidiya and Ratmalana areas. Having about 20 members attending, both teams covered a lot of ground and were able to feed about 60 animals including cats, dogs and crows.

All the members enthusiastically carried out their responsibilities while having fun, and they wrapped up the session at about 3.30 in the evening with empty stomachs for themselves but with the happiness of knowing that they filled plenty of empty stomachs of strays, who would otherwise starve.

After completing the very first project for the year, everyone went home with a full heart knowing that each of them became a part of something bigger than themselves. The team was able to do something righteous which made the lives of few innocent souls who live off the streets and didn’t have a voice for themselves- better.

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