Most of us are born into the luxurious lives that we are living right now at this moment. Its just that most of us fail to see our lives as luxurious because we have started to take the little things, we have for granted. Food on the table, roof above your head, 2 legs and 2 arms is enough to be called a luxurious life. Because if you stop thinking about yourself and complaining about what we don’t have we can see how many people are so unfortunate, they barely have food on table and barely have a roof over their head. Have you wondered though with all these hard outcomes they still don’t forget to put a smile on their face. Hence the Rotaract Club of IIT came up with the imitation of Suba Chethana, a project to brighten up young children and adults in rural villages.

Suba Chethana was a project that we completed with the Rotaract Club of Raffles Colombo. We all got together and thought of a new way to approach children’s and elder’s day. Since most of the time we end up going to a children’s shelter and having a session with them we thought of doing something unique. We decided to go to a village which consisted of 23 families who had to go through immense hardships throughout the year.

We were able to collect various items for their children and for their household activities. We provided them with dry rations, stationery, toys and many more. Both clubs did an immense job of collecting all these dry rations from all the wonderful people who were happy to help us give something back to these unfortunate families.

The committee of this project was very happy of how everything turned out to be, because after we were done with giving all the care packages, they all came to us and thanked us for this small gesture, they also asked us to come next year and help them in any way we can because for them even this small gesture is a huge help. We plan to continue doing this for the next few years hoping to make a change in a small village each year!

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