As most of you might know, breast cancer is a disease caused by the malignant growth of cells in the breasts. Breast cancer can occur in both men and women, though it is seen more commonly in women. At present, we can see several advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer due to the considerable amount of support received for breast cancer awareness, causing an increase in breast cancer survival rate and a decline in the number of deaths associated with the disease.

With all this in mind, we wanted to do our part for breast cancer awareness and be a helping hand to cancer patients and their loved ones. Thus marked the beginning of the project, I Can-Cer Vive. While this is certainly good news, being a cancer patient still affects the people around you, such as family and close friends, causing them to be distressed and feel helpless.

Through this project, we at the Rotaract Club of IIT(RACIIT) aim to make the general public aware of breast cancer by educating them about its symptoms and treatments, reduce the social stigma surrounding the disease, and help those affected by breast cancer to the best of our capacity.

Three phases of Project I Can-Cer Vive have been implemented to date

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