Ever thought of seeing this world through another person’s eyes after you leave this world? Well we did, and we came up with the most beautiful idea of hosting an Eye Donation camp open to all of Sri Lankans. We were attached with the idea of giving sight to a person who never had the magical power of sight, to be able to see things and to just be happy through the power of sight. The idea of keeping your eyes alive even after you leave this world is truly beautiful and that’s why we initiated this Eye Donation camp under Project Beyond Braille by joining hand with Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society.

Beyond Braille started exactly a year ago with a team of 8 finding themselves in charge of a project that was to help children from all over Sri Lanka with the disability of sight. We drew so close to this project and worked as hard as we could to make this project mean something to those who were in need of help. We started off with an entertainment session at Ratmalana Blind and Deaf School, and just a few months ago we pulled off a very successful Eye donation camp with over 150 registrations.

The day started off very early for our team, completing the finishing touches of the decorations , and then the feeling of nervousness washed over us, but all of it went away because the moment the clock struck 9:00am, the whole lobby was filled with lines of people crowding the lobby of IIT premises.

All volunteers were given a form to fill with their details to sign up for the donation of their sight upon they leave this world. We also presented them with a certificate for contributing to this worthy cause under Beyond Braille and now they have something to remember this amazing day.

We kept registering people until we finally came to the dawn of the day ending with over 150 registrations and our team of 8 completely exhausted, but all in all everyone was thrilled that this project has achieved a massive success than anticipated and it just started to be one of the best Community Service Projects under Rotaract Club of IIT

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