t has been a year since the Easter Sunday Attacks and our nation has started to heal. After those heart-breaking weeks and some people still struggle to take that image out of their minds. Our nation has divided and it’s the perfect time to show what we can achieve when we are all united./b>

That’s why the Rotaract Club of IIT wanted to remind all the students at Informatics Institute of Technology to witness the differences of each culture and to realize everyone is the same and together that we are strong. To promote this ideology what we initiated was a trip to all the famous religious places of each religion. We started off with going to the St. Anthonys Church (Kocchikade Church) and it was a hard time for some of the students who came with us because it reminded them of the bad memory of that fateful day.

We were able to go through all the statues that were displayed in the church and sit through a beautiful sermon. Afterwards we went on to visiting the Red Mosque where we got an immense explanation of the building and how much it means to the community. It was truly a beautiful

place of worship and we learned a lot about their beliefs. We also visited the Dalada Maligawa in Kandy, we had to gather a lot of people and then we took a bus to Kandy and during that 4 hour bus trip we were able to bond and yet again taught us how unity can make us stronger.

After finally reaching Dalada Maligawa we got a tour from one of our own members. He told us what each proceeding meant and got us to understand the beliefs of their religion. It was an amazing sight, the beautiful statues and the temple itself was very calming. We finally came back to IIT and our final destination was a Kovil but we weren’t able to complete that visit due to the current situation in the country. Without taking that into consideration everything else about this phase of the project went really well and we were able to make an impact on all the students who came and joined with us for this trip.