To be able to serve a community is the ulterior goal of Rotaract. The global the Rotaract movement has brought in immense value to it by doing acts that lift up the purpose of the existence of the movement.

District 3220 brings in no difference- in serving the community, and Rotaract Club of IIT, celebrating its 10th Charter year, introduced one of its ground-breaking community service projects along with a corporate giant, Unilever Sri Lanka Ltd, named “E-Mithudama”. Unilever Sri Lanka is on board as the device partner, along with a few more partners on board. “E-MIthudama” added up value to itself prior to implementation itself when, first, at ‘Unilever Sri Lanka Chairman’s Awards 2018’ the project was awarded the Runners-up under the category “Winning in Sustainability Development” , and almost a month afterwards went on to be a finalist in the 2018-19 Rotaract Outstanding Project Award.

The core ideology of the project revolves around sustainability due to few core objectives we wish to cover, that will take on this project to be a part of history. The basic ideology is, using laptops and desktops from Unilever Sri Lanka that are left to be dumped, is taken as a lot and each of the devices are tested whether they are in a working condition, along with the accessories used. Ones filtered, the devices are then given a proper clean up and they are sealed, to be transported to selected schools.

“X-Labs” takes the whole concept of the project off to a greater scale. The model Lab built with the funds collected through sponsors and in-house sources, and four schools short-listed to be the most deserving will be donated one. This is an year on year project where the once in every 4 years the schools will have their labs renewed with new devices. Once the lab is set up, and it is open to be used, sessions on basic computing are conducted- how to use a computer, Microsoft Office etc. so the students are given an introductory path for guidance in their computer literacy, a separate session is conducted to the mentors and teachers of these students to get ahead with their teaching and tutoring.

Together it is a community’s effort that will help another that needs a hand to rise up- to build up a nation despite its differences. “E- Mithudama” is promising to be one such project that will bring light to different communities all around the nation, so on a day in future we can rise ourselves up as one, cherishing on the impact we have brought into the light of others.

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