The small beings who come into this world thinking of only the beauty it holds are who we call Children. They are our predecessors, they bring new ideologies to this world. They are the underdogs that grow up to be the next great George Washington, but not all of them have the privileges to get there, Why? Because they are left by themselves in roads, in side of porches. Some they rise with the hardships they have gone through but some, they are not let to fly and accomplish what they were meant to do. So, for those few who are unfortunate, Children’s Day gives them hope that one day they can fly and accomplish whatever they desire and sometimes that little hope we give is all that we need to be successful.

Most of us have both our parents or one and we are happy about that while there are some children who haven’t even seen their parents or who have been abandoned by their parents. Parents abandon their children for the lack of money and because they find it hard to look after them, so their parents leave them in orphanages to be taken care of.

“The soul is healed by being with children.” ― Fyodor Dostoevsky

Project “Children’s Day” was initiated by the Rotaract Club of IIT to ensure a change in the lives of the orphans at Rajagiriya. To give them that little hope that we all need to rise up to the top.

The reason we decided to have a children’s day project is to make the children happy by spending our time with them and giving them happiness. Our team got together and organized the children’s day program at “Shepherd’s Heart Children’s home” which is located in Rajagiriya.

We decided to have an entertainment session at the children’s home, it was held on the 6th of October 2018 which was a Saturday and as it was a holiday we went there in the evening. As we went in, the kids were happy to see us.

So, as we didn’t know about the kids an introduction session took place, we started off with introducing them ourselves as they had no idea about who we were and they told a few things about them and we spent a few minutes just to build a bond with them.

They preferred to do games such as, Charades (where each one need to pick a piece of paper from a bag and do what it says to do), so our committee also joined with them and played with the children, it was really fun some had to act as another person, some sang songs and many more. Next was musical chairs, even though there were kids from different ages they all got together and enjoyed it and we gave the first three places small gifts. Then it was time for a few songs as the kids were talented in studies as well as singing we got them divided into teams and sang songs. As we had limited time it came to the end of the program, so our team distributed them the snacks we bought and gave every child a gift which they accepted with a big smile on their faces.

They were very happy about the project and enjoyed every bit of our time with them. Also, while we were enjoying with them we always felt as if we were with our own family members, we are happy that we got a few hours to make them forget their worries in life and give them happiness. It was truly beautiful and an unforgettable experience for everyone who participated.

“It’s the children the world almost breaks who grow up to save it.” ― Frank Warren

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